March 03, 2020 2 min read

Silver Ring StackIf you’re as obsessed with rings as we are but never know how to stack them, this is for you.

I love jewellery, I really, really do.

It reflects my style, it has sentimental meaning, it reminds me of people and places I love, and in my opinion, it’s the most versatile accessory you’ll ever have.
Your jewels can update your look in an instant, add depth to any outfit (sneakers and jeans included), and make your hands the envy of everyone that catches your pinky blinding at them from across the road.
When it comes to stacking anything goes; mix your metals, get your dainty pieces and chunky rings working alongside each other, midi rings, pinky rings, ultra-fine and intricate, the more the merrier. Your options are endless when it comes to updating your bling.
Stack multiple rings together to create the illusion of one, keep another finger bare, stagger midi rings across your knuckles to create your own look and play with colour and texture to keep it new and fresh.
If you’re still not sure how to stack your rings, first things first – there are no rules. So open your jewellery treasure chest and go with our guide below.
NB: always put your rings on last – slipping into your favourite silk cami or cropped knit while wearing 23 rings could be disastrous.

Create Meaning.

Tell your story by stacking pieces that have meaning and sentiment behind them.

Whether your ring was gifted by someone special, purchased on your favourite holiday, if it reminds you of a moment in time or was passed down through the family, it’s the thought that counts. 

Mix Your Metals. 

Don't be afraid to combine different metals - rose gold or silver, silver and gold. Mix metals across all fingers or stick to one colour per finger. The more depth the better the stack.


The Thinner the Ring, the More You Can Stack. 

Try multiple thin bands mixed in with chunkier pieces – add even more depth to your stack by mixing different coloured gemstones like opal and topaz or moonstone and iolite.


Be Dynamic. 

Add a midi ring (worn over the knuckle), a pop of colour, a gemstone or an edgy geometric design for something different. Play with different finishes and textures to make your look unique -  high polished, hammered or textured metal – wear it all together.

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