360 Ring - Rose Gold

  • Rising like smoke, You linger on me, 
    You got me so high I can finally breathe, 
    Speak with no words. Show me I’m all yours. -Alina Baraz

    Feelings linger inside our hearts; the smell of a lover’s skin, the echo of a song from long ago… The360 Ring is nostalgic and sentimental, reminding us of fleeting moments that bring us back to the people and places we love.

    Our statement ring in the Baby Blues Collection, the 360 Ring is handcrafted with AA-grade rainbow moonstone andlavender iolite. Made to stack with every ring in the collection.
    White topaz is the stone of truth and simplicity. It clarifies intentions helping us see the bigger picture, and speeds up the energy of manifestation.

    Iolite is the gemstone of inner vision and intuition. Its energy links heart to mind activating the third eye, allowing us to access information from the past giving us an inner-knowing. Iolite calms an overactive mind and heightens creative expression.

    14K rose gold vermeil
    Hand-set faceted white topaz and iolite