Il Vero Nord | True North Necklace | Opal & Gold

  • Everything you need is already within you
    Write a love letter to yourself
    Let your heart bloom
    It’s time to rise
    Our True North is our internal compass, it represents who we are at our deepest level. The True North Necklace symbolises the feminine, inspired by Greek and Italian mythology. Featuring a solid Australian crystal opal, our statement piece in the Protection Collection guides us on our path, protecting our soul, heart and mind, forging a deep connection to the earth, the spirit, the people we love and our own heart. Allowing us to be profoundly seen. Always protected on our journey.
    Opal magnifies intention, passion, creativity, and balances yin and yang energy. It helps clear our emotional bodies by activating all chakras and instilling a joyous aura within.
    925 sterling silver
    14K gold plate
    Solid AAA grade Australian opal
    Necklace length 55cm
    Charm height 25mm excluding bail