TAURUS | The Silver Zodiac Necklace

  • TAURUS, The Silver Zodiac Necklace features a textured medallion, individually hand-carved and set with emerald connecting Taurus with its ruling element, EARTH. 

    ELEMENT - EARTH | Taurus is a fixed earth sign. The Earth Element is pragmatic, grounded, and endlessly patient. Your fixed quality makes you intense, loyal, and incredibly resilient. Taurus moves at their own pace and doesn’t like to be rushed. All five senses are constantly activated for this sensual sign.

    EMERALD | The stone of inspiration, wisdom, and patience. Emerald keeps friendships and relationships in balance. It opens the heart chakra to love, compassion, forgiveness, and trust. It develops courage and attracts prosperity. 
    Solid 925 sterling silver (nickel free)
    Rhodium plated 
    2mm emerald
    61cm length, shortening to 52cm
    16mm pendant