True North Ring | Rainbow Moonstone & Silver

  • "Keep one foot in the street and another in the Milky Way" Patti Smith. 

    An incredible statement ring featuring faceted rainbow moonstone. Each stone is hand-selected for its rainbow adularescence, a little piece of the Milky Way to wear on your fingers like poetry.

    The True North Ring represents our internal compass; a talisman, an adornment guiding us to our authentic self. Our values and beliefs direct us to our True North. This ring is a reminder of who we are at our deepest level. 

    Rainbow moonstone is the stone of feminine energy, mystery and joy. It represents the brightest star of all, Sirius. Its adularescence offers protection by deflecting negative energies, enhancing inner peace and harmony, calming emotions and activating intuition.

    Only 4 rings available. 

    Sterling silver
    Rhodium plating
    8mm rainbow moonstone
    1mm white topaz