True North Ring | Rutile Quartz

  • “Keep one foot in the street and another in the Milky Way"Patti Smith

    An incredible statement ring featuring faceted golden rutile quartz from Brazil. Each stone is hand-selected for its one-of-a-kind golden inclusions, a little piece of the Milky Way to keep forever.

    The True North Ring represents our internal compass; a talisman, an adornment guiding us to our true, authentic self. Our values and beliefs direct us to our True North. This ring is a reminder of who we are at our deepest level. 

    Rutile quartz
 is a combination of Clear Quartz and Rutile. Clear Quartz is a programmable crystal that amplifies, stores, regulates and releases energy. It magnifies the energy of any intention or affirmation and assists with the manifestation of dreams and inspirations. Rutile inclusions in quartz look like fine golden hair or needles. It protects against negative energy, promotes spiritual growth and accelerates the properties of quartz.

    Only 12 rings available. *Rutile quartz is a rare, natural stone. Golden inclusions will vary in colour and quantity*

    925 sterling silver
    Rhodium plate
    8mm golden rutile quartz
    1mm white topaz