Rainbow Moonstone & Labradorite Jewellery

Rainbow moonstones’ luminescence has been prized by past and present cultures. A member of the labradorite gem family, rainbow moonstone’s defining characteristic is its light, almost transparent rainbow colour.

The stone’s name reflects a connection to the lunar and celestial. Ancient cultures wore rainbow moonstone and labradorite jewellery to connect to the moon and the divine feminine. Romans wore rainbow moonstone jewellery in honor of Diana, goddess of the hunt. In Asia, rainbow moonstone was associated as a way to connect with the divine by opening the sahasrara or crown chakra located atop the head.

Aletheia & Phos’ rainbow moonstone and labradorite jewellery collection aims to connect ancient symbolism with contemporary aesthetics. The end results are ethereal pieces that resonate peace and clarity, and little bit of magic.