Natural Opal Jewellery

If you’re lucky enough to be born in October, you’d know your birthstone is the magical opal - you’d also know there is no other gemstone like it. Natural opal jewellery harnesses protective and passionate energies. An exceptionally distinct gemstone known for its fiery multicoloured flash, opals have been revered for centuries with a deep history throughout many ancient cultures - 95% of the world’s opal is found in Australia. Its name originates from the Sanskrit word upala, translating to “precious stone”, and in ancient Greek, opallios, meaning, “a visible change of colour.”

Opals are said to bring non serving emotional patterns to conscious thought in an effort to drive action. An emotional amplifier - opal clear our emotional bodies by activating all chakras; making space for joy and manifestation.

Aletheia & Phos’ natural opal jewellery is classic, contemporary, and timeless. We’ve embraced ancient mythological and celestial motifs to create pieces that are symbolic, protective and intuitive.