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Asteria Ring | Rose Gold

The Asteria Ring is our ode to the night sky, our infinite source of inspiration. 

Featuring a gem grade rainbow moonstone pear and an inscription on the inside of the band, 'baby girl you are the world', a reminder that all we are is all we need. 

Throughout the ages the sun, moon and stars have been markers for changing seasons helping us navigate ocean and land. We navigate our way through life with the light of the moon, energy of the sun and the beauty of the stars surrounding us.

Rainbow moonstone is the gemstone of feminine energy and joy. It represents the moon creating inner peace, calming emotions and activating intuition. Its luminescence protects and deflects negative energy. Activates the third eye (6th) and crown (7th) chakras. 

14K rose gold vermeil
Rainbow moonstone 5mm x 3mm
Band thickness 1.6mm
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