The Bar Necklace | Gold

  • The Bar Necklace is a unisex pendant that holds power like no other.

    This amulet is our solid grounding; like the roots of a tree, the unseen foundation beneath the earth supporting us wherever we go.

    It's a culmination of everyone we've loved and love. It's the future and every cell in our body; a cycle of beginnings, growth, regeneration, and rebirth. It's the love we continuously cultivate for ourselves. A token of endurance, gentleness and gratitude.

    Our designer Alicia Millan says, "The Bar Necklace symbolises where I've come from and where I am today. It's a powerful manifestation tool for what's to come. A reminder that everything I love flows through me."

    ΚΥΛΑΣ ΣΤΙΣ ΦΛΕΒΕΣ ΜΟΥ; You flow through my veins. (Greek)

    925 sterling silver 
    14K gold plate
    Pendant 27.5mm
    58cm length adjustable to 54cm