Andromeda Galaxy Earrings | Silver

  • Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.
    Try to make sense of what you see,
    and wonder about what makes the universe exist.
    Be curious.
    Stephen Hawking

    The Andromeda Galaxy Earrings are a little piece of the Milky Way made just for your ears. Inspired by the maiden princess of ancient Greek mythology, the Andromeda Galaxy Earrings embody curiosity and adventure and serve as our gateway and connection to the stars.

    With this piece, I declare myself a voyager and a storyteller. I awaken my own spirit of adventure, dreaming of places and worlds, real and imagined.

    The Andromeda Galaxy Earrings are sold as a pair and available in two sizes.

    925 sterling silver
    Rhodium plate

    Earring size:
    Large: 18mm x 10mm
    Small: 13mm x 7mm