AQUARIUS | The Gold Zodiac Necklace

AQUARIUS, The Gold Zodiac Necklace features a textured medallion, individually hand-carved and set with diamond connecting Aquarius with its ruling element, AIR. 

ELEMENT - AIR | Aquarius is a fixed Air sign. The Air Element is rational, objective, and very sociable. You think outside the box, you don’t conform and you’re focused on the greater good of humanity. Highly intelligent, curious, and analytical, you are a master at self-expression. Your mission is to find the truth in everything you do.

DIAMOND | The stone of intensity, sovereignty, and truth. Diamond amplifies energy, develops creativity, and attracts prosperity. It activates the heart, third eye, and crown chakra, helping to manifest hopes & dreams while offering spiritual protection.
Solid 925 sterling silver (nickel free)
14K gold plate 
2mm diamond, certified conflict-free
61cm length, shortening to 52cm
16mm pendant