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Canopus Ring - Unisex

Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius. It belongs to constellation 'Carina'.

This unisex piece is hand crafted from a wax carving. The uneven surface of the band represents the surface of the moon - a beautiful high shine covered in craters. A stunning blue flash Labradorite is our ode to the second largest star in the sky. 

This piece is a reminder that we’re all burning stars leaving our mark wherever we go.

Labradorite is the gemstone of magic said to ‘awaken’ the wearer to their intuition. It represents adventure, self-discovery and protection. It’s rainbow luminescence is visible when held in the light. Activates all chakras.

Hand made
925 sterling silver
AAA grade 14mm x 10mm Labradorite
Ring sizing
Size 7 (54.5mm)