Infinity Diamond Drop Earrings | Gold

  • You are not a drop in the ocean.
    You are the entire ocean in a drop.
    Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.
    ― Rumi

    The Infinity Diamond Drop Earrings are the final set of earrings in our Nebula Collection. It is the promise of finding centre and solace in oneself. That I alone am enough. It is bravery and courage in the face of noise, commotion and craze. It is alignment with the most genuine depths of our soul that only we can give ourselves.

    Featuring diamond, known by the Ancient Greeks as 'Adamas,' meaning 'invincible.' Diamond is the gemstone of infinity, self-determination, and truth, used as an emblem of vitality and personal strength. By activating the heart, third eye, and crown chakra, diamond expands our intention to support setting and achieving goals. In addition, it's a powerful programmable stone that offers spiritual protection when worn.

    The Infinity Diamond Drop Earrings can be worn two ways with either the post positioned at the front or behind the ear lobe, giving it the illusion of a floating earring.

    Available in Silver.

    Sold as a pair
    925 sterling silver
    14K gold plate
    1mm diamond
    Earring size: 17.5mm x 5mm