Kaleidoscope Ring - Silver

That night when you kissed me 
I left a poem in your mouth 
And you can hear some of the lines 
Every time you breathe out 
- Andrea Gibson
The mischievous wanderer; she moves in her own way. Keep up with her if you can. The ultimate statement ring, featuring a 4mm and 3mm hand set crystal opal. Delicately handcrafted with a rhodium plate, these translucent crystal opals will set your heart on fire.
Opal magnifies intention, passion, creativity, and balances yin and yang energy. It helps clear our emotional bodies by activating all chakras and instilling a joyous aura within.

925 sterling silver
Rhodium plate
Hand-set 4mm and 3mm crystal opals

**Crystal opals are naturally translucent stones that require special care. Play of colour and transparency will vary in each stone. We cannot guarantee exact replicas of the stones photographed.