PREORDER - La Caffettiera Pendant | Solid Gold

PREORDER - Please allow approx. 8 week turnaround time

Ritual. I have found beauty in the simplest of objects. The 'La Caffettiera Pendant' signifies the most meaningful part of my day. This time is mine. Only mine. A moment of peace, for me. 

Ritual has become an essential part of my life. Ritual has kept me grounded, thankful and more connected than ever. 

I have developed a sense of gratitude and appreciation within myself that I did not realise was possible. Gratitude beyond anything I've experienced. I feel it as I watch steam rise, swirl from my caffettiera of a morning as it sits atop my stove. A ritual I have performed every morning for as many mornings as I can recall, but this ritual is now holy. There is beauty in the heat that rises from that coffee. It fills the air with the aroma of memories. I start my day thankful and with a smile.

The 'La Caffettiera Pendant' comes with a complimentary Luxury Gift Box in Black. 

14K gold plated chain included with pendant. Adjustable to 3 lengths. 

Available in Silver.

Solid 14k gold pendant
Pendant 8mm x 5mm
1.8mm gold plated chain
50cm length adjustable to 45cm & 40cm