Nebula Trinity Hoops | White Topaz & Gold

The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you already are.
– Rumi

The Nebula Trinity Hoops in White Topaz are the embodiment of our mind, body, and soul. Inspired by our Little By Little Ring, it is the trinity of our thoughts, intentions, and actions. We are our own holy place. A reminder to put ourselves first and that we're whole and fulfilled without the need of anyone else. The Nebula Trinity Hoops are our reminder, encouraging us to always follow through

Featuring white topaz, the gemstone of truth, awareness and manifestation. It clarifies our energy and intentions, directing our focus where it needs to be. A strong healing stone, it’s believed topaz brings the wearer joy and happiness. For centuries, travellers have used topaz to grant protection and safety during their journeys.

Wear white topaz with emerald, rainbow moonstone or opal to amplify its properties.

925 sterling silver
14K gold plate
White topaz
Earring size: 17mm x 14mm