Proxigean Glyph Earrings | Silver

Today, the stars, and, tomorrow, the galaxies.
No force exists in the universe that can stop us.
– James Patrick Hogan

The Proxigean Glyph Earrings are a set of delicate drop earrings, a companion to our bestselling Proxigean Glyph Necklace.

Featuring 3 earring charms; the sun, moon and a kite, the Proxigean Glyph represents our energetic connection to the people in our lives; the push and pull, like the tide and the moon.

No matter how high we fly, or the distance between us, we always hold each other close in our hearts. The sun and moon guide us to our true north, allowing us to be profoundly seen. Always protected on our journey.

The Proxigean Glyph Earrings can be worn two ways with either the post positioned at the front or behind the ear lobe, giving it the illusion of a floating earring.

925 sterling silver
Rhodium plate

Earring size (including charms):
Sun: 15mm x 4mm
Moon: 15mm x 4mm
Kite: 19mm x 5mm