Remember Me Ring - Silver

  • We lie, under a lavender sky, 
    Under a lavender sky we lie, 
    Do you remember the day? Do you remember when we felt that way? - Ray LaMontagne

    Our essential go-to. The Remember Me Ring is the familiar smell of summer air; soulful, lingering, filled with anticipation - a reminder of our most cherished memories and excitement for the ones we’re yet to create.
    A minimal ring with 5 hand-set Swarovski Natural Brilliance Cut white topaz. Made to stack with every ring in the collection.

    White topaz is the stone of truth and simplicity. It clarifies intentions helping us see the bigger picture, and speeds up the energy of manifestation.

    925 sterling silver
    Rhodium plate
    5 hand-set Swarovski Natural Brilliance Cut White Topaz