Silver Nugget Pendant

  • The Silver Nugget is moulded from a stone found in Greece, resting on the ground of the Parthenon. When I picked up this stone, it felt right

    The Silver Nugget is a reminder of who we are and where we have come from. This stone is our base. Our foundation. The Silver Nugget holds us up, giving us strength and support to continue moving forward. Building upwards. Reaching for our goals.

    It reminds me of the most potent force I have ever felt. A wave of emotion that reminded me- you are exactly where you are supposed to be

    Come back to this. Always come back to this. Hold this stone, and you can come back to this feeling. 

    Chain included with pendant. Adjustable to 3 lengths. 

    Silver pendant rhodium plated
    Pendant 14mm x 8mm x 6mm
    1.8mm silver chain
    50cm length adjustable to 45cm & 40cm