Storia Della Vita | Story Of Life Ring | Gold

  • “Every story is us. This moment is all there is. The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart” Rumi

    The Story Of Life Ring has no beginning or end, yet it symbolises the beginning, the end and everything in between.
    It represents who we are and our journey to become who we want to be. The Story Of Life Ring guides us on our path, protecting our soul, heart and mind, and forges a deep connection to ourselves, the earth, the cosmos and the spirit. Guiding us to our true north, allowing us to be profoundly seen. Always protected on our journey.
    Iolite is the gemstone of inner vision and intuition. Its energy links heart to mind activating the third eye, allowing us to access information from the past giving us an ‘inner-knowing’. Iolite calms an overactive mind and heightens creative expression.
    14K gold vermeil
    Faceted iolite