The Bust Pendant | Solid Gold

  • The quieter you are, the more you can hear. 

    The Bust Pendant. Symbolic of our intuition. Our instincts. I am listening to my gut. I am allowing myself to listen to my insides. To feel. And to see the bigger picture. The bust, the human form, represents the feminine energy we all possess- regardless of gender, our intuition is our most extraordinary power. I have learnt, this year, that nothing beyond these four walls is certain. All we can control is ourselves and our behaviours. Our ability to feel, our ability to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious is our intuition. I embrace my feminine energy, I trust my intuition.

    The Bust Pendant comes with a complimentary Luxury Gift Box in Black

    14K gold plated chain included with pendant. Adjustable to 3 lengths. 

    Available in Silver.

    Solid 14k gold pendant
    Pendant 12mm x 7mm
    1.8mm gold plated chain
    50cm length adjustable to 45cm & 40cm