The Diamond Charmer Bracelet

  • The Diamond Charmer Bracelet is our staple adornment, made to pair back with The Diamond Charmer Necklace. Symbolic and soulful, it tells a story of familiar places seen only in our dreams. Connecting us to The Elements, it holds a feeling of nostalgia mixed with the new, two worlds collide, lost in blissful sensation.

    The Diamond Charmer bracelet empowers us to wear our story. Featuring two faceted diamonds, it can be worn 3 different lengths.

    | EARTH – emerald | AIR – diamond | FIRE – ruby | WATER – blue sapphire |

    Diamond is a crystal of pure carbon, it is the stone of divine energy, intuitive connection, sovereignty and truth. It intensifies and amplifies energy, and carries a high frequency, developing our creativity and attracting prosperity. Diamond activates the heart, third eye and crown chakra, encouraging the wearer to act in alignment with their inner knowing.

    Pair with The Diamond Charmer Bracelet & Charmer Studs.

    Solid 925 silver
    14K gold plate 
    Conflict-free diamonds, 2mm
    16cm/17cm/18cm chain length