The Lodolite Generator

The Lodolite Generator makes us feel like we're gazing into another universe. 

A combination of Clear Quartz and Chlorite, Lodolite can be found in only one location in the world. Each Lodolite crystal has been hand-picked for its unique size, shape and natural inclusions. This unisex pendant has been lovingly hand crafted from .925 solid sterling silver. Bail features a&p makers mark and 925 hallmark.

For many years Lodolite has been used by shamans to induce visionary experiences and healings. Meditation with Lodolite is said to bring transformation on many levels. It has a gentle energy perfect for assisting with healing and bringing issues to the surface.

Available in 4 sizes
Mini Lodolite Generator (3cm x 1.75cm)
Small Lodolite Generator (4.5cm x 3cm)
The Lodolite Generator (6.5cm x 4cm)
Large Lodolite Generator (7.5cm x 4cm)


The Lodolite Generator pendant comes on a black, natural waxed-cotton cord necklace. Adjustable necklace length 80cm. Sizes listed above are an approximate guide only, no two crystals are the same. Lodolite crystals are natural. Colours/amounts of chlorite inclusions will vary between each crystal. The front face of each pendant is smooth and polished. The back and/or sides of the pendant may have a raw, uneven rock-like surface. This uneven surface is the source of the chlorite inclusions and makes the inside of the crystal resemble a garden or reef.