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The Proxigean

“I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand” Talib Kweli

Our unisex Proxigean ring is a statement piece. Wear as one or share half with someone you want to stay connected to. 

Each half features a raised design inside the ring; a crescent moon and wave. Once the ring is removed, a temporary imprint of a moon or wave is left on the skin.

The Proxigean represents the bond we have with people in our lives; the push and pull, like the tide and the moon.

Silver is associated with the moon. It has a gentle, cool, soothing effect known to enhance the moon’s energy during full and new cycles. Its surface protects and reflects negative energies.

Hand made
925 Sterling Silver
Unisex adjustable ring
Total Length 20mm
Ring sizing
Size 7 (54.5mm) adjustable open back