Trinity Eos Charmer Earrings | Silver

  • Did you know that the centre of a protostar,
    is called a nuclear furnace?
    So you can call that the star's heart.
    The heart of a star is a furnace.
    Not much unlike the human heart. ―  C. JoyBell C.

    The Trinity Eos Charmer Earrings are the newest addition to our Charmer series. In Greek Mythology, Eos, titan and goddess of dawn, is part of a trinity of asteroid families: Eos, Koronis, and Themis.

    Symbolic and soulful, they tell a story of familiar places seen only in our dreams. Connecting us to The Elements, and justly, deepening the link to our mind, body, and soul. They hold a feeling of nostalgia; our spirit mixed with the new and old. Three worlds colliding. Taking us to another world. Lost in blissful sensation.

    Featuring white topaz, the gemstone of truth, awareness and manifestation. It clarifies our energy and intentions, directing our focus where it needs to be. A strong healing stone, it’s believed topaz brings the wearer joy and happiness. For centuries, travellers have used topaz to grant protection and safety during their journeys.

    Wear white topaz with emerald, rainbow moonstone or opal to amplify its properties.

    The Trinity Eos Charmer Earrings can be worn two ways with either the post positioned at the front or behind the ear lobe, giving it the illusion of a floating earring.

    925 sterling silver
    Rhodium plate
    2mm round faceted white topaz
    Earring size: 14mm x 5mm