• “There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

    An incredible solid sterling silver ring featuring a large, rare Brazilian Rutilated Quartz crystal.

    An extension of our anatomical heart design, this ring has intricate detailing along the band replicating tiny veins. The Rutilated Quartz crystal is encased in a unique claw setting.

    This stone makes us feel like we’re looking into another galaxy, so we decided to keep a piece of the Milky Way with us all the time.

    Rutilated Quartz
 is a combination of Clear Quartz and Rutile. Clear Quartz is a programmable crystal that amplifies, stores and regulates energy. It magnifies the energy of any intention or affirmation and assists with the manifestation of dreams and inspirations.

    Rutile inclusions in quartz are like fine needles varying from gold through to silver in colour. Rutilated Quartz promotes spiritual growth and accelerates the properties of quartz. It cleanses and energises the aura and draws off negative energy.

    Rutilated Quartz is a rare stone, only a very limited number available.

    *Each natural stone will vary in colour and clarity. The natural needle inclusions will also vary in colour and quantity* 

    One size only - size O / US 7

    Brazilian Rutilated Quartz 18mm x 14mm

    Very limited number available