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Aletheia & Phos_Who We Are_Founder Alicia Millan

Acknowledgement of Country

Aletheia & Phos are proud to acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation of South Central Victoria, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land that we call home. We pay our deepest respects to all Elders past, present and emerging. Australia is Aboriginal land. 

Aletheia & Phos; truth & light (Greek).

Launched in 2014 by founder and owner, Alicia Millan, Aletheia & Phos is an independent jewellery label based in Melbourne, Australia. The theme of connection lies at the heart and soul of this brand; connection to ourselves, to home, to the people we love and to our story - our history, present and future. 

Born in the eclectic suburb of Fitzroy with mixed Italian and Greek heritage, Alicia formed a strong foundation for connection:" My family is crazy about love." Her childhood obsession for crystals together with almost ten years of fashion industry experience as a buyer, designer and product developer, has helped nurture Aletheia & Phos to where it is today. The early days saw Alicia dedicating late nights after work to making crystal bracelets at her kitchen table, jewellery became a creative outlet, a form of storytelling: 

"My life revolves around nostalgia; sights, scents, feelings, friends - a longing to be back 'there', or have a reminder of a particular moment in time. What I was creating represented my heart; emotions and feelings translated into something tangible, something that could be shared. It was a way for me to verbalise all the feelings I felt so profoundly." 

Attracting friends and customers near and far, these efforts caught the eye of Australian it-girl and model, Mimi Elashiry, soon transpiring into a friendship and collaboration range. 

Each piece of jewellery is designed with sentiment and intention. The Connector Bracelet was made to help stay connected to home, no matter how far one travelled; a piece you could gift to your lover, best friend, sister, and brother, or simply yourself.  

Aletheia & Phos celebrates an of-the-people ethos. In recognising that consumers are making more informed purchase decisions, the brand is part of a global movement revolutionising fashion by ensuring each piece is handcrafted to the highest quality, and compliant across all standards in the jewellery supply chain.

Our mission is to create sustainable and responsible jewellery with intention. Our incredible team of artisans are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council whose mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices that guarantee human rights throughout the jewellery supply chain, from mine through to retail.