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Our opals are natural and require special care. We work with Australian crystal opal from Coober Pedy and Ethiopian opal, also known as Welo opal. We recommend being very gentle with your opal jewellery with special attention to our care instructions, including storage.


  • Store opal jewellery separately in a cool, dry place in the protective box provided. This will avoid scratches and knocks from other jewellery, protecting your opal and plating.
  • Rapid changes in temperature can cause opals to crack. Protect your opal jewellery by not by not exposing it to extreme heat or cold.
  • Welo opal must be kept dry, and should never come into contact with any liquid, water, chemicals, perfumes or humid environments. Welo opal is a hydrophane opal, these opals can absorb moisture resulting in the colour changing.
  • Always remove opal jewellery before washing hands, showering, swimming, exercising or any other water-contact activity.
  • Take care not to drop, knock or tap your opal jewellery on hard surfaces as this can cause damage to the gemstone.
  • Always remove jewellery before you go to sleep.
  • Never use cleaning products on opal jewellery. A dry, soft, microfibre cloth can be used to clean fingerprints.