At the heart of Aletheia & Phos is a passionate, soulful designer dedicated to creating jewellery inspired by human connection. Our independent designer bracelets are a literal representation of our obsession with connection—from our anatomical heart-shaped charms to our delicate chain bracelets set with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

I Carry Your Heart

The I Carry Your Heartbracelet and connector bracelet set is inspired by our immeasurable love for the special people in our lives. An anatomical heart charm, designed by Alicia, is a simple, yet profound statement - we carry each other’s heart in our heart.

Cor Luna

Cor Luna is the foundation of Aletheia & Phos’ aesthetic, this collection is symbolic, representing the heart of the moon. Wear them as a luminescent and delicate statement on their own, or layer them up to create your own look.