Delicate Necklaces

Aletheia & Phos’ delicate necklaces encompass the emotional and celestial. From the Shield of Athena to the Proxigean Spring Tides, every Aletheia & Phos necklace tells a story of strength, passion, and emotion. Wear your story with a delicate necklace from Aletheia & Phos.

Aletheia & Phos’ silver and gold Zodiac necklaces give ancient iconography a contemporary edge. Each textured medallion is individually hand carved and set with a precious gemstone, connecting you to your ruling element - the foundation to modern astrology. In ancient times the essence of our being was transcribed from the stars; a cosmic interpretation of our life’s path. The sun, moon and planets create poetry that to this day guide us, forging a deep connection to ourselves, the earth, the cosmos and the spirit. The Zodiac collection encompasses the 12 Greek astrological signs, so you can choose the silver or gold zodiac necklace that resonates most with you; your sun sign, moon or rising sign.