Aletheia & Phos

Aletheia & Phos is an independent jewellery brand founded by Melbourne-based designer Alicia Millan. Born from a love of travel, energetic connection and symbolic storytelling, Aletheia and Phos (Greek) translates to “Truth and Light.” Each collection embodies our passion for human connection and inclusiveness, allowing us to literally, wear our values. Our ethically crafted jewellery is designed from the heart with intent and purpose.

As an independent designer jewellery brand, our mission is to create timeless pieces with a story and a conscience. Aletheia & Phos jewellery allows you to connect, create, and share your own story. Our appreciation for hand-crafted jewellery is brought to life by our highly skilled artisans, who are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. The mission of the Responsible Jewellery Council is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices that guarantee human rights throughout the jewellery supply chain.

Jewellery is our reminder and our marker. It is worn as a talisman and kept as an amulet. It can connect us to love, keep us protected and inspire manifestation. Jewellery creates an energetic connection that goes wherever we go. How we choose to adorn ourselves is our own unique form of storytelling.

We wear our heart on our sleeve.

Our statement Rollo chain and signature heart come together

I Carry Your Heart