RITUAL; The Art of Daily Life

Touch. A sense I have craved. A sense I have longed for in isolation. Without a tactile reminder of where our heart lies, where we belong, what do we have? What can we hold on to? 

What can hang from our neck, rest by our heart, for us to look towards when we need a reminder of the beauty in the everyday?

Seven months of social isolation forced me to reassess; what are the most important things, in the world, to me? To what, to whom, am I connected? I find joy in the tangible. In placing meaning, projecting my stories onto the objects that fill my life, my home. What do I value? What are those stories?

I trust my gut, my intuition. I find beauty in my morning coffee, the time just for me before the sun comes up. My goals and dreams. That I am safe, protected. I long for human connection, love, guidance—a solid foundation. 

I created 8 small charms in solid gold and silver inspired by finding art in daily life - our solitude in isolation, in simplicity, in our rituals, personal growth and our hopes and aspirations. 

I know that all I need lives within me, but I feel most connected to myself when I have a tactile reminder of who I am. Something tangible, something to link me, physically, to what I value. This year has taught me the importance of the physical, the real. To feel connected, I need to touch. To feel. The mundanities of everyday life have become holy. I have found art and beauty, in the simplest of objects. 

I give these amulets, these talismans, my own meaning. I assign them a story, each precious piece representing a chapter of my day; my rituals. They were once charms- they are now a tangible reminder, a connection to my own narrative.

These are my stories. What story will your charm tell?